If You Don’t Love This Song From Gloss, I H8 You

858197_491491817553534_1238138936_oYeah, I made it easier for us to share in hate.  First, I used text speak, which I abhor, so you can easily hate me.  Second, I came across this brilliant gem from Gloss from their upcoming Front Porch 7″.  What do I like about this tune? Hmm.  I like the gentle quality of the vocals.  I appreciate the crispness of the guitar playing throughout.  Oh, and no matter how many times I play it, it still sounds remarkable to me.  I’m going to play it for the rest of the day, and I’m going to be snarky about it. You can pick up the 7″ from Manic Pop right now…and don’t forget to browse their shop, as they have hits from Blooper and Austin’s Mini Dresses too!


Download: Gloss – Ian’s Dream [MP3]

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