Swinging Pop from Marching Band

Marching-Band-And-Ive-Never-Seen-Anything-Like-That-e1358266511111Subtle pop never really gets the love it deserves, but I want to reverse that today by tossing out this tune from Marching Band.  The Swedish group recently released their excellent And I’ve Never Seen Anything Like That EP, which I gravitated to based on the collage style of the artwork, but then fell in love with once I heard this lead single.  It’s not going to blow you away with some sort of progressive brilliance, but it’s just a solid pop tune that you can’t ignore.  People don’t write songs like this too often anymore, so I’m glad there’s still someone out there creating crisp, clean pop music.  I hope you enjoy this one folks.


Download: Marching Band – And I’ve Never Seen [MP3]

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