Show Review: Starfucker @ The Mohawk (3/7)

Another show on the eve of SxSW we had to attend was Starfucker at The Mohawk. They always throw down the jams and recent IT Department favorite Blackbird Blackbird were opening.

It was severely sold out and though I did not witness it, I am pretty sure there were more than a few that managed to sneak in. By the time Blackbird Blackbird took the stage, the entirety of the lower area was jammed. Impressive crowd, they came to dance.

Read on for thoughts and a ton of pics including backstage stuff with furries, a spaceman and Gumby.

Blackbird Blackbird was more than serviceable as the opener. I only say serviceable because I still had to recalibrate my live music viewing experience that had been set at an unattainable level thanks to Efterklang. Once they hit their stride, my brain was happy to hear the songs I loved from their EP Summer Heat. Solid live set, albeit there was quit a bit of backing track for the synth heavy jams. However, touring as a three-piece requires a little assistance.

Starfucker was rather tame their last time at The Mohawk, though sounding great and it wa a dance party, sure. They just had lasers, but it was a little subdued due to cold temps; no dresses or other similar shenanigans. Not this time. I was in on the pending furry outfits and a stage-diving Gumby and got to mill about backstage while preparations were made.

The show was a backlit dance party. The crowd was hit with gobs of light and big jams. They did the usual lower key opening track and finished with the insane jams like “Julius” and “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” So now, I leave the pics to explain what happened. It was insanely fun. The last two pics are of Gumby’s stage dive from the wife’s phone. Too good not to post.

More pics at the photo site

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