Mas Musica de Pure X

artworks-000040620860-sbur4m-t500x500Personally, I’m really excited about the upcoming effort from Pure X, Crawling Up the Stairs.  While I really enjoyed their last effort, I’m thinking they might be mixing things up a bit, expanding their sound.  If you listen to this new single, you’ll definitely have to agree, as the vocals alone indicate a larger focus on that aspect; I felt like it was used as an instrument the last go round.  Still, it’s got this drifting quality that enchants listeners, though that’s juxtaposed to the gruff quality on some of the vocal delivery, which might be off-putting (even grating), depending upon who you ask.  All in all, this new single indicates a band refining and expanding their sound; on May 14th we’ll all get a chance to hear the full collection of tunes.


Download: Pure X – Someone Else [MP3]

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