Rad Post Rock from Cobalt Cranes

CobaltCranes_album_LOW_RESI’m really stoked on this new jam from Cobalt Cranes.  There’s something about it’s nostalgic 90s post-rock bent that really is working for my ears.  At the same time, that heavy bass line combined with the atmospheric guitar work cascading in and out of the tune definitely provides the song with modern appeal; I also appreciate that it’s a bit more melodic than some of the rocking tracks I’ve been jamming to lately.  If you like what you’re hearing then you can grab the band’s debut album, Head in the Clouds, on April 9th when it’s released by Anticc Records.


Download: Cobalt Cranes – Shake [MP3]

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  • Nice! Get some nirvana vibes from it although it’s not as rough. But it has some melancholic stuff going on while playing it grungy.

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