Show Pics: Grizzly Bear @ Stubb’s (4/8)

Hi, nice to meet you. You mind giving me some air?

Wow, Stubb’s was it packed for Grizzly Bear. So packed that the photo pit was moved in to allow for more people space because the show was oversold. I didn’t know that sardines had date nights. Was it worth it the uncomfortably close neighbors?

A couple quick notes on the show including my love for Owen Pallett and of course the human monopod show pics…

Owen Pallett was amazing. He was funny. He was Canadian. The manufacturing of loops, stacked layers of plucks and bow-induced melodies while playing keys and allowing band mates (solo guy is a band scenario) to fill in the percussive and bass-guitar roles. Vocals had a few charming cracks and he embraced the imperfections in his performance. There was a quick Q&A about where-froms, what was for dinner and what looping gear he was using (names escape me but they sounded serious). Owen also mocked buys that hit play on their MacBooks for backing tracks. Those of us that lament such things appreciated his comment and chuckled, perhaps even guffawed.

Grizzly Bros danced on to the stage, think Ellen but in a hipster sort of way. They set in and unleashed hit after hit. I have to say that one dude in particular was going off; jumping to every note, arms thrashing about for every change in tempo and crescendo, flat brimmed cap flailed in approval. Now, I love his enthusiasm, but it was a bit out of place and I could the empty spaces of humanity nearby that were concerned for their safety.

Yes, the band is amazing live. I love the face that vocals are a bit drier than the norm these days leaving no place for missed harmonies to hide. They featured a solid light show and staging, most of the band up front, except for Aaron Antz, the touring keyboard player hidden in gear. Yes, lonesome underappreciated keyboard guy, I appreciate you. But in the end, Ed and Daniel drive the band. They are “cuties” according to the crowded neighbor ladies. “Two Weeks” leveled the crowd that seemed to go in to its best behavior for Veckatimest tracks. They can also play and sing. Proving it, they went acoustic, gathered around a mic for the show closer “All We Ask”.

And one more time, PUT DOWN YOUR PHONES!

More pics at the photo site

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