My New Best Friend, James Murphy…

We are pretty lucky to live here in Austin. Friday night, the wife and I started out at the friendly confines of The Mohawk, caught a kick ass set from Flesh Lights, chilled at a picnic table, had beer, whisky, and Topo Chico with good people that also love our music scene.

Red7 played host to a DJ set from James Murphy thanks to Learning Secrets. The wife got tix and that means that we became besties with the leader of one of my favorite things, LCD Soundsystem.

Click though for evidence…

So yeah, ATH has love for Flesh Lights. Quite honestly, we love these three people. Just go see them, buy merch.

Learning Secrets puts on dance parties, and we like dance parties. One half of LS is Ian Orth, put two and two together, Orthy. They managed to get James to come hang out, play music, but before turning over the turntables, they killed the crowd with another set of dance jams.

James mingled in, took a shot and took over the mix. People took cell phone pics and then danced. Jams. Songs were manipulated, bridges were knob-turned down a well, beats were shared between tracks. We camped and watched.
…and danced.

Update: One quick note, they did bring in additional speakers and it sounded sweet. James interacted very little, but when he mentioned he was surprised that so many people showed up and happy because they could turn up the sound.

More pics at the photo site

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