Grape St. LP Release Party @ Hotel Vegas (4.24)

913731_645909895424336_625905147_oSo your plans are to hit up Youth Lagoon, but you can’t stop there. Once the rock n’ roll gets started, you’ve got to keep it going.  The best place to head on Wednesday night is over to Hotel Vegas for the Grape St. LP release; this is the band featuring Curtis from Harlem…seriously one of my favorite records of the last year.  Of course, you can buy it HERE if you’re not in Austin.  Just because we’re putting out the record, doesn’t mean you can miss a single of the opening acts; they’re some of our favorite, and the best, rock acts in town.  You’ve got Pharaohs kicking things off, with John Wesley Coleman and Rayon Beach warming up the crowd for all you folks. There will be balloons, A Date With You LPs, and just a ton of incredible bands.  It’s dirt cheap, so help support the local scene and come join us for this celebration.


Download: Grape St. – Double Golds [MP3]


Download: Pharaohs – Prettiest Girl [MP3]

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