Pure X Ticket Giveaway + Show Preview

PureXCrawlingUpTheStairsThere’s been tons of great records being pushed upon the Internet world lately, but one that I’m personally excited about it is the new effort from Pure X.  Crawling Up the Stairs is on my list of anticipated albums, and it’s great that an Austin band is making such big waves.  But, in other news, they’ll be playing their album release next Thursday, giving us Austinites a chance to hear the new tunes live at Holy Mountain on Thursday, May 23rd; they’ll be joined by Troller and Versus.  And, we’re going to give away a pair of tickets to the show, which you can win by simply leaving us a comment.  Let us know what your summer plans are, even if you have a real job and are just taking a weekend jaunt.  We’ll pick the most exciting summer plan, and there’s our winner.  Contest will end on Friday at Midnight.


Download: Pure X – Things in my Head [MP3]


  • I am planning on taking some young’ins to visit some colleges they are applying to. Also want to make a quick trip to Port Aransas if possible!

  • This summer i plan on doing things i’ve never done cuz i’m getting old and i have to do stuff now before i get old and crotchety. i’ve never been to Vegas so i’m going! i’ve never been to Marfa so i’m going! and i’ve never eaten an entire package of awesome bacon by myself so i’m eating it! woo summer!

  • I’ma get all crazy and see concerts and eat food and drink dranks and hang with friends.

  • Wolfshirtsclub

    Summer long breakfast taco excursion. . While saving my pennies to attend FYFfest. Scoping out killer babes along the way and falling in love a hundred times. Duh, Summers here give me a beer!

  • Working my but off at the local snow-cone stand, getting out of town and hitting up Padre with my buddies, possibly venture to California. I’ll be going to shows and getting shitty at Blues on the Green as well.

  • LOVED Pleasure and have turned so many onto this band. And they went to my school!!! Please, please, please give me what I want to quote another favourite.

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