Yet More New Music from GRMLN

grmlnIs this album here yet? Every single time I get a new track from GRMLN I get excited by the prospect of the fun to be had when Empire finally hits stores on June 4th. Personally, the further we get along, the more I see a similarity in the hype that surrounded Wavves when Nathan first broke onto the scene. And just like those raucous tunes, the songs, including the one below, are filled with energy and brevity, giving us the perfect blend of brevity and pop goodness.  Carpark will be releasing the album, and you can be sure that I’ll have good things to say about it!


Download: GRMLN – Do You Know How It Feels_ [MP3]

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  • GRMLN,

    How you feel i don’t know,but hearing this great download i love this catchy pop/rock music with much energy that makes me smile. I should say “I want more! This is absolutely quality music.

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