Show Notes: Generationals @ The Parish (6/2)

generationalsI began a week long foray into a nightly live show adventure on Sunday night with an exciting set by New Orleans based Generationals.  As always, the Parish provided us with an incredible setting for a solid show by both headliner and opener Young Empires.  Follow the jump for some fast thoughts on the show.

Starting things off with opener Young Empires.

I didn’t know much about these Candian gents coming into the show, but I left feeling like they would be worth you checking out in the live setting.  They brought tons of energy and had that “we love doing this” attitude that can always be appreciated in the crowd.  Standout for me on the evening would have to be “Enter Through the Sun” with it’s infectious beat and catchy chorus.  Bass player Jacob Palahnuk, and drummer Taylor Hill provide the backbone for the band with superb bass lines and even better drum fills.  My only complaint would be a minor lack of originality in the songwriting.  Not to hate too much, the indie dance style just seems to be a bit overdone at this point.  A minor qualm.

Of course everyone was buzzing for Generationals

At this point, I’ve seen these guys at least 5 times between regular shows and during SXSW.  Each time the energy and demeanor brought to the stage is something that should be mimicked by younger up and coming groups.  The band blasted through an intense set of newer and older material while rarely coming up for air to speak to the crowd or play a slower tune.  As you listen to the set, you can see a band that has progressed from a simple indie guitar rock group like the majority of Con Law from 2009, to a more layered and synth powered group as seen on Heza from earlier this year.  Of course no show would be complete without closing things down with arguably what is still the band’s best single “Nobody Could Change Your Mind”.  That tied it all together for me.  Great show by a great band.

On to the next one.

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