Show Pics: CHVRCHES @ Mohawk (6/5)

CHVRCHES is sporting a plethora of buzz, right? SxSW fan favorite, plenty of blogger hype, sold out shows in the mid level venues that most indie bands fill before spilling over to the mainstream, they have the boxes checked for a big 2013. The crowd at their show at The Mohawk was packed with bloggers and familiar faces. There were also plenty of show newbs (welcome) and a few dickwads (get bent).

But the big story for me on the night was that the better band was the opener, Still Corners. At least for me.

Click through for the pics and a few notes of import.

Not going to harp on cell phones, well behaved crowd in that regard. I know it is a sold out canning of humans, but some of us are trying to “work”. For the most part, the crowds at Mohawk understand that the photographers are working for a site that they read. But, that is not always the case. So to you, the guy that was offended by me joining friends in front of him on the balcony to get a few shots for half a song, relax, get your phone flashlight outta my face and let me get out of your way instead of ruining everyone’s show.

Still Corners was impressive. They are a projector band, but the still setting sun and high clouds allowed for more light than any time I had seen them before to get the portraits of Tessa Murray. “Midnight Drive” was sooooo good. It is my Summer slow jam.

CHVRCHES is better away from SxSW. I saw them at the Spin Party at Stubb’s mid-afternoon which had the three band-mates spread out across the stage and flatly lit. With the three levels of moving backlights and proper fill up front, the music takes on new life as teh band themselves are not frenetic by any means. Sure, Martin Doherty bounces and kicks, but the keys and synth pad block the view and Iain Cook is shrouded by synths, laptops and occasionally instruments. But the gem of the trio has to Lauren Mayberry’s vocal. It is good, really good.

One more note, Lauren made light of the Chuh-vurches thing. Good sport.

So why do I think Still Corners won? I just think their songs are better. No way to lose and all of you that joined early to catch the opener, I hope you bought merch (manned by tour manager and Calm Blue Sea member Chris).

More pics at the photo site


  • still corners may be really good, but I didn’t feel that the lead singer had a big voice. lauren has a mousy voice but her vocals came out clear and strong

  • I don’t think Still Corners needs the big voice. It is an element in the track instead of the stand out. That is the contrast, right? Chuh-vurches uses the vocal, mix-wise and lyrically, to ride on top of the music, Still Corners to ride in. Regardless, damn good show. I was happy to be there.

  • Always great finding these early features on Chvrches and to see how far they have come in such a short time. Hope you can do a follow up review on their next tour to see their growth as a band. Excellent pictures from Brian!

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