Murray A. Lightburn Drops New Solo Track

518parish_06Murray Lightburn from The Dears has always been a guy, and most ATH members would agree, is highly underrated in the indie scene. He has a huge discography with his Canadian band and has always understood charisma and what it takes to be an engaging frontman. Let’s also not forget about his ability to craft unique and rather incredible pop tunes. With that out-of-the-way, you can understand our excitement to hear about Murray taking a leap into his first ever solo venture. The project is credited to his own name, but the concept/album is labeled as MASS:LIGHT. Below you can find the first taste of this new solo material with tasty track “Motherfuckers”. To me, it seems like a song in which you can hear Murray wanting to give the middle finger to anyone who has ever doubted his musical prowess. Or it could just be about a girl…

This great new track also has an accompanying video available on youtube that was directed by Murray himself. Stay tuned for more details on his new solo project as we receive them.


Download: Murray A. Lightburn – Motherfuckers [MP3]

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