Dark Throwback Pop From Flaamingos

flaamingosWhen you first listen to up and coming L.A. band Flaamingos, you will inevitably make the immediate and all too easy Joy Division comparison that’s slapped on tons of bands now a days.  Don’t get me wrong, I hear those dark bass tones and distant vocals, but these guys are offering more than just an easy comparison.  I hear those all too familiar JD sonic qualities mixed with more poppy bands from the 80s or even more modern groups like Cold Cave.  Regardless of how you want to label them, I’m sure you can find something to enjoy about this new single “Walk A Wire”.  I’m finding something new to like after each replay.

The self-titled debut album from Flaamingos will be available on August 27th via Felte Sounds.


Download: Flaamingos – Walk A Wire [MP3]


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