New Album from Black Hearted Brother

artworks-000053537338-9n5adl-t500x500I feel like at this point in the year, I’ve probably helped pay most of the salaries of those at Slumberland Records, but hey, when you’re on fire, you’re on fire.  The label is back with a resurgence, of sorts, this time around, releasing the new record from Black Hearted Brother, the project of Neil Halstead…the man behind Slowdive and Mojave 3.  Perhaps one of my favorite things about this new single is that there’s no use of gratuitous noise, like I’ve come to find in a lot of gaze-noise-core acts of late; it’s purposeful and blending with melodies.  Stars Are Our Hope is the title of this new effort, and it will be released on October 22nd.

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