Oops! I Like His Electro Blue Voice

hiselectroOkay. I’m really late on this tune from His Electro Blue Voice.  But, I initially dismissed this record, solely based upon the name.  Honestly, I saw the name and skipped it, despite the Sub Pop connection.  Yet, like most people, I came back to it.  I needed something to rock my socks off, and I think that today this track is going to do just the trick.  It’s perfect if you’re into the angst-side of indie rock, and really, it’s just an all-around rad song to throw down on your playlist for Hump Day.  The band’s record, Ruthless Sperm will be released next week, and it’s shaping up to be a good old fashioned rock n’ roll album.


Download: His Electro Blue Voice – Sea Bug [MP3]

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