Show Pics: Daughter @ The Mohawk (9/17)

There aren’t too many bands out there right now on the up swing of buzz that Daughter currently enjoys. The Mohawk was kind enough to host the freshly minted headliners as they rolled through town in a big bus, pulling a trailer with guitar techs and stage managers en employ. Though the forecast threatened a rain out, the people streamed in to endure the moist conditions and sweat to their new favorite band. Bear’s Den opened.

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Bear’s Den was charming. Each band member could play multiple instruments, the drummer playing bass and guitar when not providing the beat via sticks. They, like many bands, were thankful to be playing The Mohawk during something besides the fray of SxSW and were remarkably complimentary of our town. You are welcome anytime. As for the music, enjoyable. I didn’t do any preshow research, but a few tracks certainly had deep hooks to make you weapy or just smile a bit. Many fans of the band in the crowd treated their set as a sing along and the remainder were very respectful, show chat levels lower than normal. Compliment.

Daughter has some flat-out beautiful songs in their arsenal. 4AD seems to be in full support, assuming they bank-rolled the bus and touring crew that added an extra musician on stage to help the Elena and the boys pull off their sound. When mid-song, they were dialed in. Elena is a reluctant star from her stage positioning, though possibly unintentional, it was difficult to get a good portrait of her – mic in the way, hair down. It was in-between songs that things were a little flustered. Broken strings, long gear changes, a bit too many pauses to make sure all was set would allow the show-talkers to make their presence known. It took away from the subtle introductions and swelling noise of the bow-played guitar. It made me wonder of the band was ready for all the buzz…

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