Show Review: Terry Malts @ Mohawk (9.26)

There are just some bands that you’re going to fawn over, so I’m always glad when I get a chance to see Terry Malts.  It didn’t hurt that they had some great local acts supporting them before their set, which made for an all-around enjoyable night for us.  Staying up late on a school night, well worth it.

You can read on for my thoughts and such things, not to mention B.Gray’s photos of the evening.

Austin’s Bum Out (formerly Come and Take It) opened the evening, and my eyes for that matter.  In all honesty, they weren’t doing anything special or overly original, but rather it was the old-school punk aesthetic and its execution that made me really happy.  They offered a quick set that reminded me of what it’s like to feel that emotional charge when you’re excited by what’s happening on the stage.  It’s not every day that you’re given that reminder. 

Then I had to run across the street because I heard Debbie Harry got fat, so I acidentally missed New Arrows…sorry chaps. 

Then on came the always enthusiastic Shivery Shakes.  They played some new tracks from their up-coming album, as well as some old favorites of mine.  The more I get to watch this band, the more I’m wishing great things for them.  William (singer/guitarist) has been part of the Austin music scene for some time, and it seems like he’s finally got a group behind them that are willing to put in the effort to bring their dreams to life.  Their new songs have a maturity to them, while still maintaining their light-hearted spirit.  Combining those things has left the group tighter and poised to make bigger waves.

I wanted to fill the next section about the huge fight between Corey and Phil during the Terry Malts set.  I wanted you to know that they got so into their set that when one of them messed up, they took it out upon each other.  Blood was spilled, guitars thrown, etc.  It didn’t really happen, but I was hoping some sort of sensationalism would open people’s eyes to the greatness of this band. I think they’re incredible, and for some reason, they don’t have the storyline that sells out the Mohawk, though I’ve seen far worse bands pack the outside stage.  Fortunately, none of that is their shtick. They don’t need a sensationalized story; they don’t need any drama, they just came to play…and play they did.

They bounced back and forth offering tunes from both Killing Time and Nobody Realizes This is Nowhere.  There’s not a lot of talking, and there’s not a lot of antics, they’re just playing fast and furious, creating walls of frantic noise with an underbelly of delicious pop.  Simply put, it’s a music fans wet dream; you get the raw edge of tenacious music, plus you get an undeniable pop sensibility.  My favorite of the night was when they played “I Do” off their first LP, which is by now a must have in every music nerds collection.  And as quickly as they came on, they were gone. They were gracious, they were good, and it was over.  I don’t need to tell a story; I was there; I lived it.  In fact, I loved it.  That’s the story of my life with Terry Malts.

There are a few more pics at the photo site

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