Bonobo Is Playing Fun Fun Fun Fest

BonoboFun Fun Fun Fest is a week away.

Among the artists coming that I have been a fan of for a long time, one that I have always had a conflict to prevent me seeing live set is Bonobo. Dial ‘M’ For Monkey is a mandatory road trip album. Can’t recall what was going on that I couldn’t make the show earlier this year at Emo’s, but I missed it. While Simon Green is touring with a band, he is also one helluva DJ. If you aren’t familiar with The Boiler Room, get familiar. It is a great way to soundtrack your late night activities.

I give you the Bonobo track he opens this Boiler Room set with called “Cirrus” to download and you can stream the set in the widget dealie below that. Cool thing is that you can download the Boiler Room set, as well. See the “Download” just below the player thingie? Click that doo-hickey and put your head down.


Download:Cirrus [MP3]

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