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FFF8 Big BannerWhat better way to finish out the festival season than a big summary of what happened before and after the festival with a best of gallery and youtube embeds for the interviews you may have neglected or missed? None. So here is the big post of good for FFF8.

Active Child had to be a general favorite for Team ATH. Their set early on day one was beautiful, song selection for the daylight. Might be the best vocal of the festival. Amazing. So read an interview. We also exchanged words with Quasi who played the Yellow sweat lodge, erm, tent. I couldn’t get close enough to get a single shot of their set after hitting another pit in the same time slot. Yikes.

Nathan wrote about the audio issues, stage situation and nostalgia lineups.

We did video interviews with Ceremony and Small Black. I embedded them below my faves gallery if you are a scroller and not a clicker.


Active Child – wow.
Ceremony delivered the goods; they promised a punk show and it happened.
Cut Copy is getting better and better as a live band.
Johnny Jewel’s Chromatics/Glass Candy double header was the dance party session of the weekend.
Deerhunter wins top warmup award for their epicly entertaining soundcheck using “Marquee Moon”.
Hamilton of The Walkmen for just chilling with Team ATH (well, we did get him a drink).
Slayer, because if I don’t say something nice…

Sound guys had APD meter vultures because of Snoop.
Matt Hoffman’s broken talus bone, he rode in a walking boot.
Soundchecks were WAY too long. Polyphonic Spree and Johnny Marr were both almost thirty minutes late screwing over far better bands later in the day.

Still don’t get MIA. My old is showing?
Punk reunions on the Black Stage are fun, but let’s give the real stars right now the headlining spots.
All DJ sets except RJD2 – he wheeled out four turntables. *crackle, hiss, pop*

Memories: Friday, Saturday and Sunday for big galleries.





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