Austin Spotlight: Diego McCartney

5a6b9325ca13a9d1-youtubeprofilepicAs I’ve previously mentioned, I feel like Austin is really make a strong resurgence with the high number of quality musicians we are currently churning out.  The last few years have really produced some memorable artists for me and I’m hoping we can continue that momentum going.  Moving us in the right direction is new and upcoming songwriter Diego McCartney.  Apparently Diego has been making music for quite some time on his own and has just now decided to offer his beautiful tunes up to the world.  This one, “Found in Few”, is fairly simple at first, but incredibly powerful after a few more listens.  The gentle guitar strumming mixed in with the perfect, emotional delivery of the vocals creates a really special moment here.  Enjoy.

Diego has a few more tunes over on his soundcloud page.  Say hi or drop him a line on his website.

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