Natural Child Expand Their Sound with Out in the Country

naturalchildIf you’re a follower of Natural Child, you could easily tell your friends that you saw this one coming.  From the moment they organized their “Family Band” the riotous barroom rockers have been aching to broaden their horizons.  They’re moving further from the blues-y garage rock styles they employed earlier on; they’re pushing more towards a solid country/blues world.  But, that being said, they’ve still got the chops to make their music a must have in any nerds collection. This smooth number is just an indicator that as they’re songwriting matures, they’re still just as bad ass as you expected them to be. Their new album Dancin With Wolves (which oddly doesn’t feature Kevin Costner on the cover) will be out via Burger Records on February 25th.


Download: Natural Child – Out in the Country [MP3]

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