Austin Spotlight: Sleepy Holler

a0903394745_10I am continually amazed by the amount of quality bands growing out of the Austin scene right now.  It seems like everyday we’re finding a new band to provide some sweet music to our ears.  Today I bring you a project from local songwriter Matthew Evans and his pal J.T. Wilcox who call themselves Sleepy Holler.  This duo have combined to create this breathtaking, sort of hushed folk music that’s both beautiful and mesmerizing while still capable of being called pop music.  To me, the band meshes the greatest parts of groups like JBM, Local Natives, and Austinites Balmorhea.  If you can’t picture that sort of thing happening, check out the track below and see what I mean.

You can check out a brand new 6 song EP by Sleepy Holler over on their bandcamp page.


Download: Sleepy Holler – Call Me Home [MP3]

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