Each Other – Being Elastic


Rating: ★★★½ ·

It seems over the last few years that a great deal of the bands I’ve taken a liking to have put less emphasis on the meaning behind the title of their completed works.  I can’t, however, say that about Each Other.  Their newest effort, Being Elastic, fits entirely in line with what one might think when reflecting upon the album’s name; it stretches all over the place musically.

“About the Crowd” begins with this fuzzy bass line lurking beneath the vocals.  The pacing seems like a mild stutter-step, until you reach the 1.5 minute park, where the guitars begin to chime in with more of a euphoric circle pit direction that perfectly meets the vocals.  From here Being Elastic moves into the more post-punk driven “Send Your Signals,” which is driven by the tight percussive quality and angular musicianship.  At times, the band slows things down to a more drawn out tempo, finishing off the track with this soaring pop vocal that’s indicative of the band’s efforts to move all over the place within their tracks.

Throughout the listen, Each Other moves in and out of varying genres.  “You or Any Other Thing” is one of those tracks that encapsulates precisely why the group’s so intoxicating.  The tune drifts in with dreamy folk harmony, but at various points, things are flipped upside down as the song takes an approach that seems like the obvious clash of influences like Q and Not U and The Wrens.  To me, it seems like the perfect way to make a nod to past greats, while still showing a progressive attitude in the songwriting. It seems like an easy enough formula for success, but I like how the group is capable is switching the approach, as they do on “Fine Time.” This number has a softer opening moment, then it jumps off into a jangling romp that is bound to pick up the spirits of listeners.

You do have to be careful where you skip around on Being Elastic, as you’re likely to get the wrong impression if you land on certain tracks.  “Seeing Doubles Dreaming Troubles” is dominated by an upbeat chugging that only slows down long enough to suck the audience in before bounding off in an enjoyable fashion.  It’s a complete juxtaposition to tracks like “The Trick You Gave Up” or “Or Else,” both which rely upon an extremely mellow mood to deliver their message.  Your best bet is just to enjoy the diversity from start to finish.

And there you have it folks; you have a record that’s as diverse a listen, sonically, as the name would imply.  Being Elastic offers a glimpse into the life of a band that’s not sold on one dynamic, and in taking that in stride, Each Other have released an album that demonstrates the vitality that comes with maximized creativity.


Download: Each Other – Your Ceiling is My Floor [MP3]

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