Austin Psych Fest 2014 Interview: Secret Colours

secretAustin Psych Fest is just a few short days away, so I reckoned we oughta ramp up our coverage.  Today we caught up with Secret Colours for a quick pre-fest interview.  I really love the Chicago band’s responses, and I appreciate greatly the thought drummer Justin Frederick put into his answers.  The band will be playing at 5:45 on Sunday at the Reverberation Stage.  Let’s get ready to enjoy ourselves at one of Austin’s best festivals.

ATH:  I was interested to see that you’re new album, Positive Distractions, was recorded just outside of Austin, in Dripping Springs. Do you have any favorite spots you guys were able to discover while recording at Dandysounds Studio?

JF: Austin is by far one of our favorite cities to hang out in. We had been here multiple times as the band and individually I’ve been able to check out the city on my own time. While doing this record we had a day off and happened across Yellow Jacket Social Club which has quickly become one of our digs in Austin. Lucy’s Fried Chicken is a personal favorite of mine. Hoping to have some time to check out the Green Belt while we’re back for the festival.

ATH: All the press information leading up to the release of the new record talk about how the recording is your most mature/confident? It also talks about a slight change in musical direction? What’s responsible for these sorts of things, or has it just been the natural progression of being in a band through 3 LPs?

JF: A lot has happened over the course of the three albums. It’s the ability to grow from the mistakes and accomplishments we’ve come across while creating and releasing the material. Each one has offered immense insight into the direction we want to take things, whether that’s intentional or not.

ATH: This new LP also has drastically different art work, featuring the band in a pretty straightforward direction. Does that approach tie into the release of the album and this alluded to new “direction”? Or just time for a change?

JF: The decision for the album cover was something that we thought worked very well with the music. Positive Distractions is our most cohesive and focused effort so the cover had to rival that theme.

ATH: Now…looking at most national press, people are always praising, Brooklyn, Portland, Athens, San Fran, LA, but there’s a great history of labels, venues and bands coming out of Chicago, that somehow go slightly unnoticed. Do you think there’s a reasonable explanation for that? Or just a massive oversight by the world?

JF: It’s difficult to say, I’ve had a similar conversation with many Chicago friends. There is a lot of great music coming out right now from Chicago and I think something has to stick. There is going to be some shift coming up, keep your eye out!

ATH:  Along those same lines…best ever band from Chicago is?

JF: It’s difficult to say best ever, I don’t know… Cheap Trick? I’d say the bands that I’ve been watching closely are Minor Characters, and Future Monarchs. These dudes are up to something, watch out.

ATH: Austin Psych Fest is one of the most relaxed and enjoyable festivals I’ve been to. You guys were here for the 2012 version? How was your experience? Have you heard anything about the new location?

JF: It’s by far one of the most enjoyable festivals I’ve ever been to. In 2012 the venue was much different. It was split between a shopping complex which was this sort of hazy bridge between the two venues. It was easily one of our favorite stages that we have ever played. The energy was there between the stage and the audience.

I heard a bit about the new location from friends who attended last year. Everything I had heard seems to make it out to be a near perfect venue. I think the outdoors lends itself well to this sort of musical experience.

ATH:  What’s the one thing you’re most looking forward to, in regards to the festival, returning to Austin, etc?

JF: We are incredibly thrilled to be part of APF 2014, can’t thank them enough for having us back. For me I’m looking forward to The Zombies. Odyssey and Oracle was one of those albums which opened me up to the further out music. Bummed that Primal Scream dropped out but there are so many incredible acts this year. That Temples album has been on repeat for the guys in our band.

ATH: Positive Distractions comes out the week before Psych Fest. After the festival, what are the touring plans, or are there any? Any other expectations for the year that follows an album release?

JF: There are no concrete plans at the moment for touring. We will certainly be active this spring and summer when it comes to performing. We have already been discussing new material. Just going to keep challenging ourselves in releasing content. There’s no shortage of inspiration.

ATH: What’s the one reason people attending Austin Psych Fest should come see your band?

JF: We offer a unique blend sonically and are dishing out something that is reminiscent but can’t quite put your finger on it. We are pulling out the stops for this performance as well, our producer/engineer Dan (Any Kind & Cross Record) and his wife Emily (Cross Record) will be joining us on stage for a truly full sounding set.


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