Top 5 Reasons to Attend Austin Psych Fest

psychIn a city of never-ending festivals, it’s hard to really pick just one to attend.  Whether you like comedy, music or other such things, odds are that Austin has a festival just for you.  So, why should you go to Austin Psych Fest?  There’s tons of reasons, but we’ve picked our favorite five to elaborate on below, so you’ll get an idea of why you should attend the festival this weekend.  There’s still a few tickets out there; buy yours HERE.  

5) People Watching

Let’s face it, we all like to watch and gawk at perfect strangers.  It’s not polite to stare, but sometimes you just can’t help it.  And, if staring at bros in their neon sunglasses has you down, then you’re in for a great treat at Austin Psych Fest.  I’ve been every year, and I’ve witnessed people in capes, animal tails used as accessories, and you’re always bound to find a person in a floppy hat and over-sized sunglasses.  The cool thing about Psych Fest? Where as these sightings might be odd in most places and events, it’s perfectly normal here.  In fact, I’ll probably get stared at just as much for wearing jeans and a t-shirt. It takes all kinds.

4) Atmosphere

As a little blogger fella, I attend almost all of the music festivals in Austin.  On some occasions I go reluctantly, hoping to find some redeeming quality in whichever fest I’m at. But, with Austin Psych Fest, I actually look forward to the even itself.  They do a wonderful job of not overselling the festival, which leaves you plenty of freedom to enjoy the actual music without being stepped upon or blocked out by a wall of chairs.  Plus, it’s super relaxed.  The set-up is such that no one is running to catch that other band on their list, and they’re all there to enjoy the emotion of the weekend, just as much as they are the music.  It makes for a rather unique festival that you’re not likely to find anywhere else.

3) The Amenities

Considering that the festival draws crowds from all over the globe, to be successful they’ve got to offer more than just your average festival experience, right? Well, they do.  You’ll find jewelry stores, mini-shop from Farewell Books, and several vintage clothing outlets; the festival clearly knows their market.There’s also a few artists selling their wares, and free yoga sessions from Black Swan Yoga.  But, that’s not all…you’ve got on-site camping.  That’s likely to introduce you to some like-minded strangers, maybe even forging life-long bonds.  We suggest going to Habitat Camping Rentals if you’re looking for someone to set up your camping experience.

2) Scenery

This isn’t a repeat about the people-watching, but rather the location in general.  The Orange Stage at Fun x 3 Fest as the sun sets and the skyline looms large is pretty incredible, but have you watched a band play on the edge of the Colorado River as the greenery begins to bloom in the Spring? You can do so at the Elevation Ampitheatre, making for some pretty memorable experiences.  And, Carsten Creek Ranch has a great spread, so you can sneak off into the shade along the river for some nap time, or even a quick dip.  Oh, and the fact that it’s a fair distance from the inner city means you might actually get to see stars, and lots of them.

1) The Line-Up

Psych rock is definitely a popular genre as of the last few years (though it’s always been here), and that’s helped make Austin Psych Fest rather unique.  But, don’t think that the festival is only stuck in one direction.  They’ve focused not only on their namesake, but also other experimental acts that have ties to the genre.  Where else will you find an artist like Tobacco playing in the same vicinity as The Zombies.  The branching out has brought in some great talent that I wouldn’t have associated, such as Liars, Of Montreal, and Mark Mcguire.  It’s one of the most unique, and possibly the best, line-ups I’ve seen in 2014.  No matter what your personal tastes, everyone will find something to enjoy.  See the full line-up HERE.

So, hats off to Austin Psych Fest for a great line-up, great venue, and what I expect to be a great experience.  Hopefully we see you out there, and if not, I’ll report back next week.

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