Please to Meet You: The Delphines

1378808_427574507349257_756255471_nWhile I was trying to catch up on emails from this weekend, my ear was caught by this incredible single that came into our inbox.  I hadn’t heard of the group, The Delphines, but like the power of all great tracks, I’ll now be keeping a close eye on the group.  There’s a bit of an angular post-punk quality to the style of the guitars, but at the same time the dreamy vocal quality, and its delivery, remind me an awful lot of Love Is All (a sorely missed act). It’s an energetic track, to be sure, but it also offers a bit of emotional respite in some of the more drawn out moments.  The group will be releasing their album, Hush, on May 27th, so keep an eye out for this exciting act.  Oh, and check out this exciting video that accompanies the single HERE.


Check out the video, after the break!

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