Revisiting the Bats to Honor Re-Issues

BatsInParis93I think the world is now a better place now that Captured Tracks has a hold of the back catalog to legendary label Flying Nun over here in the US.  I know that somewhere out there are original vinyl copies of some of my favorite acts, but I’m grateful too that I can grab a hold of some of these classics without too much hassle. The label has announced that they’ll be releasing 3 classic albums from The Bats, Compiletely Bats, Daddy’s Highway and The Law of Things; they’re all albums you should own, especially if you’re a fan of great pop music.  Not only will there by vinyl releases, but a  3 CD version that’s a compilation of   the releases (CDs are the new cassettes). All of these will be available on May 27th, and in honor, here’s a great single off of Daddy’s Highway.



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