Show Review: Painted Palms @ Holy Mountain (6.11)

Painted PalmsSadly, it was a fairly unattended night at Holy Mountain this past Wednesday, but like most bands working the States nowadays, the show must go on…and go on it did.  Shy Boys and Painted Palms embraced the thin crowd, delivering great tunes for the duration of the evening.  

Read on for our thoughts and photos by Mr. Brian Gray. 

I’ve really enjoyed jamming out to the Shy Boys self-titled record all year long, and their set at Holy Mountain fulfilled my wishes, though I can easily see how the unassuming trio might not get the accolades their tracks clearly deserve.  The harmonies of the group combine on almost every track, live, and not only does that make the tunes endearing to fans, but it gives them longevity as the album fades into the past.  I loved their performance of “Is This Who You Are” and “Keeps Me On My Toes.”  It’s hard to deny the infectious power of great harmonies; well played Shy Boys, well played.

I feel like Painted Palms have probably flown under the radar for most of the year, though I admit, I keep coming back to their record, Forever, time and time again.  First, if you need a summer party album, then you should pick it up immediately.  But, more importantly, the band brought that energy to the crowd, inducing dance moves from all, especially the drunken pair (I hope that girl’s okay).  I do wish that the guitar had been turned up a bit, in favor of a more rock n’ roll sound, but the electronic beats didn’t damage the band’s festive mood.  Keep an eye out for these guys; they’re sure to keep winning people over with sets like the one we caught.

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