Film Review – Tomato Republic

big-tomatoRating: ★★★½☆


Can a flamboyant restaurant owner and a young African American male really challenge the good ol’ boy incumbent for the mayoral seat in the Pineywoods town of Jacksonville, Texas?

Use Your Words

Tomato Republic is one of my diamond in the rough finds of the year.  A well put together documentary at its core, you’ll also find yourself emotionally invested in every character of the film.  Maybe it’s my East Texas roots that draw me into the drama of small town politics, but I think almost anyone would find something to enjoy here.  Men drinking endless cups of coffee at the local donut shop, talking massive amounts of shit about everyone in town?  Yeah I’ll take some of that.  If nothing else, it’s a refreshing message that not everyone in the deep south bases their every thought on the old testament and gun law.  I promise you’ll be rooting for the two new guys and on the edge of your seat when you find out who won.  Let’s just hope the results aren’t read when the train is coming through town.

Now Show Me


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Who Should I see This With?

Your left leaning grandmother who votes a straight Democratic ticket.

Final Thoughts

Tomato Republic is a moving documentary that exposes the complexity and personality of small town folk who are often written off as backwards thinking country bumpkins.  ATH approved.

Austin Showtimes and Trailer

This film is currently listed with a TBD date in Austin.  Stay tuned.