Top 5 Bands at Goner Fest 11 – An Insider’s Guide

gonerI’ve been intrigued by the festival fascination of the world as of late, but as most of us know, the idea isn’t a wholly new one. For example, Goner Records is hosting their 11th Goner Fest this year on September 25-28 in Memphis.  I love the label and the things they’ve been putting out, so I reached out to our friend Madison, who handles press and bookings at Goner, to see who the Top 5 Acts of the festival are.

If you’re looking to get your rock n’ roll fix, and are willing to travel, this is the place to be.  You can still get your hands on tickets HERE. Thanks again to Madison for the time, and the advice on who to check out.

* Honorable Mention – WEATHER WARLOCK – also featuring Gary Wrong as well as QUINTRON. Have no idea what to expect but I’ve been asked to secure an industrial-grade fog machine, so it’s got that going for em…

(Saturday, 9/27 @ Murphy’s – Sunset – Outdoor Stage)

5. SICK THOUGHTS – A 17-yr old from Baltimore has some heavy hitters backing him up for the opening set at the Murphy’s day show – Gary Wrong (of Wizzard Sleeve) and Buck Biloxi/Giorgio Murderer! Not sure they’re actually going to get to practice together, so we definitely can’t wait for this one!

(Saturday, 9/27 @ Murphy’s – 1:30pm – Indoor Stage)

4. ROSS JOHNSON’S ‘LIKE FLIES ON SHERBERT’ REVUE – Alex Chilton’s Like Flies On Sherbert is a really special record to me, and seeing it performed by Johnson, Steve Selvidge (Sid’s son) & co. is the closest we are going to get these days. We hear there’s going to be a special appearance by The Kiltz as well!

(Thursday, 9/25 @ Hitone – 8:45pm)
3. SO COW / AUSMUTEANTS – Can’t put one of these before the other because I love them both (why we put out both of their new records)! After all the emails and coordination, I can’t wait to meet them face to face and see them play live!

(Thursday, 9/25 @ HiTone – 10:30pm / 11:15pm)
2. SATURDAY NIGHT @ HITONE – just go. It’s all going to be so good. Obnox, Nots, Spray Paint, THE REBEL, Protomartyr, ‘O.G.” GIZMOS. just. go.

(Saturday, 9/27 @ HiTone – 8pm doors)
1. LEN BRIGHT COMBO – I still can’t believe they are playing Gonerfest! It’s their only US appearance and 2nd ever show since reuniting last November for a gig in London. It’s crazy! Wreckless Eric + The Milkshakes! Pretty much once in a lifetime so why would anyone miss it?!

(Friday, 9/26 @ HiTone – 1am)