Incredible Track From Andrew St. James

10007473_695907583820916_4119307996298473043_nWhile surfing around the net today looking for some tunes to share, I came across one of those rare songs that makes me stop and play it again, and then again… This track is called “Tapes” and is brought to us by a young man by the name of Andrew St. James.  When I first hit play, his take on songwriting really reminded me of some sort of weird combo between Dylan, Tallest Man on Earth, and even a bit of Ryan Adams.  We’re treated mostly to just a quickly strummed guitar as we’re lead through a wandering tune about love and love lost.  ASJ has a lot to say, so I suggest you start paying attention to this young man (he’s only 19).

Pick up new album, The Shakes, on October 28th.


Download: Andrew St. James – Tapes [MP3]