Show Pics: Alex Napping Release Party

Alex NappingWe had a great line up for the Alex Napping record release. Soft Swells was in town on their maiden tour. Lowin opened things up strong. We saw friends form Punctum Records, we saw friends from Modern Outsider. There were stories about a simultaneous 99 beer shotgunning. Merch and merriment at Cheer Up Charlies

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I got a new-to-me camera; I always buy used now. The Df is a revelation. Maiden voyage is usually panic ridden, but it was a quick study to get a feel for the new controls and tendencies. Rad. Shout out to Precision and their buying and selling people. #iso12800

Lowin was a revelation, as well. They are the real deal and I hope they blow up. Imagine if you will, Sharon Van Etten singing Pat Benatar best-ofs. It is rock and roll with a sensibility. The band is animated, energetic and strongly confident in song, despite the slightly timid between song banter. Sara is the band ambassador on stage.

Soft Swells was up next and as mentioned before, they are finally on the road. They may not have taken to the road life yet, but their live performance was fantastic. You can see the benefit of busting out a lot of local shows before hitting the highways. Frontman/band leader Tim Williams places emphasis on every syllable of every lyric, precise delivery, everything is important. “Lifeboats” and “Floodlights” are hits. “Every Little Thing” worked, a bit of a roller coaster of pop, always moving up and down in intensity.

Alex Napping. Friends, nice people. Congrats on a great record! What else should be said?

I left before Big Bill. Long day. Sorry. But I will finish with saying that for three bands, I was very happy. It was a show that either makes you a new fan or restores your faith in live music.