ACL Recap & Photos: Day 3


Well folks, it’s been a week since the ATH crew embarked upon Zilker Park for a weekend of music and general debauchery. Gates are open for Weekend Two, but here’s a recap of the highlights from last Sunday in case you’re still looking to relive or maybe you want some guidance as to who to see and who to skip for your Sunday scheduling. Catch each ATH member’s personal take on Sunday and see some gorgeous photos from B.Gray after the jump.


BGray –  I took a lot more photos Sunday. Miniature Tigers are a great way to start a Sunday. AFI ruled all in terms of energy level. Jump shots and laser bass, rad. Cults was pretty, but a tad flat. I liked the best-of set from Jenny Lewis more than I thought I would, but Real Estate or Phantogram at that time slot are both viable options. What is wrong with people that Calvin Harris is a headliner? I don’t blame ACL, giving wristband people what they want, but ugh. And hearing bros fawning, “I LOVE YOU, CALVIN!!!” So why was I at Calvin Harris instead of Pearl Jam? I felt like shooting something and because PJ’s band management would rather the same outlets and wire services shoot their set than the independent music site. Chromeo was a party. Just do it. But The Replacements won the weekend – big energy, big sound, stage presence, musicianship, they won by a pretty big margin.

Nathan – Sunday was a great day for me; I feel like I got to sample a little bit of everything.  Old emo Nathan went and caught AFI; they always play an energetic set, and they did so again.  Saw Cults play that one song they have; it’s a catchy jam.  Mini Tigers did their part.  Mosied over for another Rey Pila set, peaked in on some Real Estate..and then, the whole reason I loved ACL this year: The Replacements.  I didn’t actually expect them to be that great, but I knew I’d get to hear some songs I waited for for so long.   I got those, and yes “Androgynous” was on that list. For me, that performance was the weekend; it was everything I needed to make it precisely right in the world.  And then I left; I would have watched Chromeo, but I’ve never been into the jamming of Pearls.

Nicole – While I know this is going to sound a bit like a cop out, the best part of Sunday was simply just being there. This year at ACL wasn’t the most stocked lineup I could have imagined, but it was still a fun time that reminded me of the reason that I still go, in spite of the nuisances of going to a festival (tweens, show talkers, people who don’t really listen or care, etc.). Spoon’s set for me affirmed all this—yes, I had to weave my way past all the chairs, all the drunkards taking group pictures with the stage in the background, all the show talkers, to get close enough to the stage where people were actually paying attention to the band, but once I was there this local band who has made it to the big leagues still put on a great, intimate show in their hometown. As Britt stepped to the very edge of the stage, mic in hand, and looked out over the massive crowd, his eyes still found individuals. The resulting grin that lit up his face and then prompted a classically-Daniel’s gravelly, “woo!” reminded me why I brave the elements—the love of music.

RayRay – Sunday was a bit of a haze for me to be honest.  The weekend was getting to me at this point and the allergies were burning majorly.  Miniature Tigers gave us some nice pop tunes.  Cults sound just like they did 3 years ago (not a compliment).  The Replacements delivered on what was the most anticipated set of the weekend.  The rowdy atmosphere in the Beer Garden for the Cowboys/Texans game might have provided more energy than any stage at ACL.  I did a lot of roaming around on Sunday, people watching, and taking in the drunks all over the fest.  Dez Bryant = Beast Mode.  Weather = awesome.  ACL Done.