FFF9 & Nites Schedule Is Live

en-iphone-portrait-screen3_74_png_185x500_q85Iffin’ you have Android or teh Apples, you can now download the FFF Fest app. The Schedule is up now and you can start arguing over what bands will tear your posse apart.

We also now know what will be on the menu for fest goers; Austin’s Pizza, Bananarchy, Black Sheep Lodge + Haymaker, Burro Cheese Kitchen, Cazamance, Chi’Lantro, Frank, JuiceLand, Kebabalicious, Mighty Bird, Skull & Cakebones, Tamale House East, The Salt Lick, Tiff’s Treats, Vegan Yacht, and Whole Foods.

Head to the App Store or Google Play or the FFF9 website for the stare and compare.