Fun Fest Interview: Pissed Jeans

up-pissedjeans_lrgAs we move closer to Fun Fest, I find myself getting more and more pumped for the weekend.  The lineup is again superb and we’ll of course be hanging with all you cool customers in the beautiful Austin weather.  We’re moving forward with our coverage today with an interview from Sub Pop act Pissed Jeans.

All questions answered by lead singer Matt Korvette

ATH: At this point in your career, why was the decision made to reissue your debut?  What fine tuning was done to the album?

Well, we just wanted to make sure people knew it existed, and we were still proud of it. I wish people would stop mentioning the word ‘reissue’ though – we tricked Sub Pop into thinking it was brand new songs, and I’m worried they might want their money back if they find out what actually happened.

ATH: Is the band also working on new material?  When can we expect it?

We are! We always are, but often at a snail’s pace. I think we’ve got like, six new songs, mostly complete, so I guess once we get another six down, we’ll go record them. I’d like to move quicker on this but unfortunately Pissed Jeans isn’t a solo project… yet.

ATH: You’re coming into town for Fun Fest.  Any bands you’re excited about seeing or hanging out with?

It’ll be good to catch up with King Diamond again. You should see that motherfucker go to town on vegan tacos and avocado smoothies, dude is a European eating machine.

ATH: Have you been to Austin before?  Anything you particularly look forward to doing while here?

Yeah, a few times! Great city. It’s so fucking weird though, and I can’t help but wonder, who is keeping it that way?

ATH: Would you call yourself more of a festival band or an intimate venue band?

Are any bands more enjoyable on a giant, distant stage, versus an intimate crappy little room? Besides Pissed Jeans, that is.

ATH:  Drink of choice on the road?

Definitely one of those waters that is pumped full with electrolytes, carbs and sugar.

Thanks again for the time guys!

Pissed Jeans play on Sunday, November 9th on the black stage @ 2:45pm.