Turn Up with Wild Smiles

10386988_628923807203351_9116171390421186735_oThere are two sides of the power-pop/garage rock coin, at least two that I can always subscribe to when listening.  There’s the gritty version, filled with sloppy hooks, or there’s the polished huge riffs.  The perfect example of this, in my mind, comes in the battle of Terry Malts vs. Wild Smiles.  I love the Malts and their gritty style, taking nostalgic rock and fueling it with booze and exuberance.  But, the Wild Smiles, who I’m here to talk about, take a similar approach, but clean things up, giving you more accessible hooks. You’re supposed to love both!  And if you do, you already have the Terry Malts LP (or else you’re behind the times), so go ahead an pick up the Wild Smiles LP, Always Tomorrow, and enjoy the rest of your day.

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