FFF Fest Interviews: Twin Peaks

6-twinpeaksIs Fun Fest really this weekend?  Hard to believe some major fun times (x3) are ahead on Friday.  You know the drill with ATH by now, we interview a lot of bands leading up to the festival to hopefully give you some nice reading material prior to the weekend.  Today we’re speaking with one of our top bands of the weekend, Chicago natives Twin peaks.  Follow the jump to see what these guys had to say.

All questions answered by band member Cadien.  Thanks dude!

ATH: “Wild Onion” just came out earlier this year.  Are you happy with the product or would you go back and change anything?

I am certainly happy with the album, but I’d add a few rap verses in to really hammer in the diversity… 

ATH: I saw you guys at an early morning SXSW set this year at Cheer up Charlies and you played the theme song to Malcolm in the Middle.  Can fans expect more tv show theme songs?  Which ones?

Andy Griffith but like how R. Stevie Moore does it, but it might be a while..

ATH: Speaking of tv.  What’s your favorite show on tv right now (no we will not ask about your band name)?

Trailer Park Boys

ATH: So you guys have definitely been to Austin before.  What do you look forward to when you come into town?

I look forward to playing with King Tuff and White Mystery for a night show, rippin up the fest, and to stopping by Trailer Treasure to eat some alligator and crawfish with my boys who run it!

ATH: As a part of the fun fest bill, have you checked out the rest of the lineup yet?  Anyone you are excited about seeing or hanging out with?

Well, King Tuff and White Mystery, but also Foxygen, Fat White Family, Iceage, Rocket from the Crypt, Nas, Run the Jewels, Angel Olsen..

ATH: What’s the Chicago music scene like nowadays?  Any bands we really need to be paying attention to?

It stays dope; you should just move here there’s so many talented bands. Here’s a bunch in no particular order Ne-Hi, The Boxers, Modern Vices, The Funs, White Mystery, Earring, Old Guard, Flesh Panthers, CAVE, Today’s Hits, The Lemons, The Sueves, Landmarks, PTA, Yawn, Sister Crystals, and us duh

ATH: Will the Bulls win it all this year?  EXPLAIN!

Only the season will tell, but I think we have some of the best potential in the league this year with a real deep bench; either us or Cavs will win the east, and if our first game against them is any indication, we should be able to beat them with a healthy team; we were very close to winning but Rose was out with a sprained ankle and Taj was playing with a sprained ankle so couldn’t control the basket for rebounds, and we were missing Butler who is still recovering from a sprained ankle. We’ve made it close with worse teams back before Rose’s injuries, so it we maintain good health we’ll be able to go far. Pau has been getting in rhythm quickly and is helping make plays with his passes, and he isn’t a 3 man but he can hit them, which is something Boozer never did; McDermott and Mirotik are looking like they’ll flesh out well this season and open up some shots, Tony Snell and Aaron Brooks have been holding it down. We just need to maintain a powerful defense and get more rebounds, give away less second-chance plays. It’s going to be an entertaining season.

Thanks again for the time guys!  I think you should be an NBA analyst.