Show Pics: Caribou @ The Mohawk (11/23)

CaribouYou ever notice how a bunch of tours either kick off or finish up in Austin? In the case of Caribou, they were finishing up a successful run out in support of the latest effort Our Love. The bummer about being the last stop, no vinyl at the merch table. The best part, whoa hooollly shit is the band tight. Let me get this out of the way, this was one of the best live performances of “electronic” music I have ever seen. Dan Snaith and his team of musicians have found a way to make those key elements, the live drum and overlayed organic pieces of the recorded material, present in the live show. Flutes to extra percussion to ringing guitar licks, the material comes to life that then absorbs the crowd into a hypnotic tunnel.

I feel so jealous of the people in Toronto that get that homecoming show.

Click through for a couple more notes including some words on opener Jessy Lanza , bonus coverage of aftershow locals Silk Rodeo and plenty of pics…

Very sold out. I was pretty surprised by that, but the folklore of Caribou’s live set probably helped that along. I imagine Caribou’s following is also rather diverse, from dance partier to potheads.

Jessy Lanza made an impression on many people during SxSW. I understand the appeal, but I wasn’t fully charmed. Maybe it was the anticipation of the show as it is hard to be a solo performer surrounded by a yard sale of instruments for the headliner. Voice great, interaction subdued but appreciative, there were plenty of fans in love and singing along. Later, she would join Caribou on stage to take vocal duties.

In stark contrast to the last show at The Mohawk (WWPJ), Caribou puts the entirety of the their performance energy into their instruments. Be it drums, samplers, guitar, more drums, a flute, whatever, it is done with precision. I cannot call outa single song as being better, worse, strong or weak as it was just perfect. I will add that this was a really good crowd. They fed off the energy of the sounds being built and shared it with each other. Having drums out front puts a sharpness into the crowd up front not normally present. So good, so very good. …and Dan knew it as the band members would flash smiles as songs escalated to their crescendos. Despite that, he was also humbled with out outpouring of applause. So good.

Meandering indoors, Silk Rodeo was on stage with a mess of lasers. “Laser” Anyway, they have songs worked out, but need to record. Can’t wait as what they have sounds great live. …now with lasers.

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