Other Lives Go A Slightly Different Direction

10917143_10152732535224958_8315073691152214820_oOther Lives, from Stillwater, OK, are essentially a household name in the indie world, making ominously beautiful tunes. After their 2012 release of Tamer Animals, they’ve taken their time to put out another album, but now they’ve returned with this new single and the announcement of their third LP, Rituals, which is set to come out on May 5th here in North America (preorder it here). Fittingly enough, the track is called “Reconfiguration,” and gone is the sweeping nature you grew accustomed to on those earlier records and in its place is more to appeal to your electro pop sensibilities. The track is still somewhat haunting, but its clear the band is going in a different direction than their first two records. What do you think?

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