This Is One of Alex G’s Best Songs

alexgI’m a fan of Alex G, and I have been for some time…probably about the same time as the rest of the world heard about him.  But, after years of wading through his extensive Bandcamp page, I’m really happy this new tune has come to light.  It’s an old song, though just getting the light of day as a bonus track on his upcoming Trick album reissue.  This song exemplifies precisely why I found myself enjoying Alex’s work so much; it’s got this endearing quality that only comes with a careful intimacy established between musician and listener.  It reminds me of falling in love with Bright Eyes in 98, though I’ll admittedly say that Alex’s voice might be sweeter; there’s an innocence and sincerity in his work. This track’s been played everywhere lately, but why on Earth would one ignore such a jam.

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