ATX Show Spotlight: Generationals vs Jonly Bonly

Jonly BonlyHump day requires celebration. It means the weekend’s almost here. So check out these two shows going on that beg your attendance.

You can hit up the Generationals show at the Parish.  They’re a Louisiana based pop group, built on maximizing hooks and memorable lyrical content.  But, to be honest…nothing has hit me as hard with this band as Con Law…but that’s just one man’s opinion.  The gig starts at 8 PM sharp!

Or, for you late night rockers…you need to be at Hotel Vegas to catch Jonly Bonly.  The local band is fueled by the excellent guitar play of Jason Smith (ex-OBN IIIs); they’re debut Put Together was one of my favorite records last year, so you can take that to the bank.  Plus, they’ll be joined by locals Slow , Mike Melindi and Caroline Says…two other acts on the rise in town, so you’ve got to be sure to show up early.  This one kicks off at 10 PM.

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