New Video From Andrew St. James

UntitledAndrew St. James has quickly become one of my favorite songwriters to break out over the last year, making an appearance on both our year end albums list and the year end songs list.  Since first hearing his tunes last summer, the guy has had a song or two on just about every playlist I create, whether it’s for mellowing out or needing a breezy tune for a warm weekend afternoon.  His approach to songwriting is so simple and honest, yet full of life and mesmerizing all at the same time.  If you’re into the singer/songwriter genre, St. James is the most promising act currently out there.  Oh yeah…. went on a tangent there…. ASJ also has an awesome new video for his song “Stageline” which appeared on the previously mentioned The Shakes from last year.  Check it out after the jump.

The Shakes is out now and available for purchase from iTunes .

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