SxSW Music 2015: Wrapping It All Up

Go HomeMore pics of SxSW, you say? Here is the BIG POST OF GOOD for SxSW 2015. I have a big gallery so I can show off. I have a many links worth of ICYMI. I have a few bgray superlatives.

Thanks, SxSW 2015 – you were a little more manageable with a little less edge and quite frankly, I was grateful for that.

First, the ICYMI/PYAITK links to help you catch up on what we did and what we thought.

  • All things tagged SxSW 2015
  • Superlatives from Ray Ray, Nicole and Nathan
  • Film coverage in the form of Docs and Features and 24 Beats Per Second
  • Report about Converse Rubber Tracks
  • A day with The Twilight Sad
    On to my superlatives, let’s start by continuing the love fest for the venues and staff this year. I tend to get the smiling faces because of familiarity, but everyone I talked to in Austin from out of town has fallen in love with Austin once again. We did it. We saved our rep.

    Best New Beer Consumed During SxSW: Karbach Love Street – I know they are from Houston, but they are killing it right now. Hey Austin breweries, step up your game.

    Best Band I Saw Twice: The Shivas, I just got down.

    Best Band I Saw Thrice: Lust For Youth, I was suckered in by the synth goodness, fell for the Liam Gallagher impression from lead vocals and lost my vision a few times spacing out in the music zone. Loved them. But not as much as…

    Best Band I Saw During SxSW: I have to give this to Beacon. I loved the L1 EP and I was fearful of a train wreck live set or a bland keyboard performance, but I was graced with passion and tangible action-meets-sound from the stage. So very good.

    Best Band I Had Seen Before: Gus Gus – I saw them twenty years ago during SxSW in a shot bar with another then favorite, Spring Heel Jack. I was teleported to the days of $18 wristbands for a moment as I was blessed by big beats, two vocalists and ageless songs. It wasn’t a nostalgia set, by any means, but they know their sound and they did it then, they do it now.

    Biggest Meh Moment: Gang of Four – get bent. Gang of One can eat it. You prima donnas, going on twenty minutes late. Bah.

    Honorable Mentions: Ice Age guitarist playing with a dislocated shoulder. Cobalt Cranes for unexpected awesome.

    On to the giant gallery of photos!

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