Levitation Interview: Fever the Ghost

img-fever-the-ghost_131527451894Psych fest starts tomorrow!  Tomorrow I tell you!  Now that I’ve got your full attention, lets focus on the task at hand and get you even more prepped for the weekend.  Today I’m continuing our coverage with yet another interview this time from L.A. based band Fever the Ghost.  Follow the jump for full interview and deets on the band’s festival set.

ATH: You guys are currently out on tour. How are things going so far? Crowds responding well to the tunes? Any major mishaps?

FTG: Well, we thought that tour wasn’t until tomorrow, but you are actually not wrong and we were just fooling ourselves. Crowds are responding well to our music.. Our parents believe this. The worst mishap was when we heard that slow news was on its way for the desert fest, but that news disappeared into the dust and once again all was well.

ATH: Speaking of, you guys will be rolling into Austin here pretty soon. What do you like forward to doing while you are here in Texas?

FTG: We look forward to all the good eatings as well as the mystical evening times. We want to try all of the Recommended Activities.

ATH: As you venture out onto the road, what would be in your band’s “road survival kit”?

FTG: Suggested road survival kit includes, a pack of saltines, never to be touched, Chobani, several buckets for our foam, Chimney Sweep’s Almanac, 3 screwdrivers, backstage passes to Shrek, binocular, silver pouch, a full-size Henry horn, Season 5 of Spongebob on blu ray, marking pens, erasing marks, a space blanket, 2 bags of Swedish Fish, sleeping bags, subscription to MotorTrend, cell phones, chargers, plugs, jacks, pixels and chocolate. What else do we have? Ah yes, duck products.

ATH: You guys released an EP in the middle of last year. For any music lovers who haven’t heard the tunes, what’s in store for them?

FTG: When you turn on the record you will watch it spin and imagine that a small colony of harmful bacteria is slowly being irradiated to become helpful bacteria in your Chobani. The songs are arranged from slow to fast. Go ahead, clap the beats!

ATH: Would you say your sound fits into the psych rock theme of our little festival?

FTG: As long as that Psych Theme is welcoming of Gary’s Food Reviews on Youtube dot com, then we feel that we will fit right in.

ATH: Speaking of, have you had a chance to check out the lineup? Anyone you are excited about seeing?

FTG: We are very excited about seeing Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel, but we love all Hotel-based bands on the bill!!

ATH: When can we expect some new material?

FTG: here will be new musical linens to be hung within two or so months.

ATH: Last question. At festivals, fans have tons of choices on who they watch at certain times of day. Why should we come check you out? Sell us!

FTG: We are a formidable live act boasting cutting-edge music. We also have a van.

Fever the Ghost play at 6pm on Saturday night over at the Levitation Stage.  Be there.

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