Show Pics: Braids @ Stubb’s (5/23)

Braids didn’t know they were headlining a show at Stubb’s last Saturday. Fans of Purity Ring sat through buckets of rain to get up front for their fave, hoping to be rewarded for their steadfast weather-proofing to dance a bit. Braids, though, was my primary objective having seen Purity a Ring a few times in the past. We all know how bad the storms got late Saturday, and then on Sunday and Monday; Stubb’s made the right call to get people out of the venue when they did. I know Purity Ring fans were disappointed, but Braids did their best to entertain and the crowd was super happy to be seeing any show at all after all the weather they endured to get inside.

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After seeing all of the stuff on stage, I was actually genuinely excited to be shooting Purity Ring. A friend of a friend did some work on it and said it was amazing. So sad face. I missed Born Gold as the show was pushed up 30 minutes from the schedule initially sent out by the promoters.

So Braids. I love Flourish//Perish. The new tracks are dancier, but just as musical. I wanted to know how they were able to deal with such layering and intricacy as a three-piece. Raphaelle has a guitar and keys in front, plenty of pedals for looping, etc. Taylor has the bass and added guitar duties with a keyboard, as well. He would play up on the frets of the guitar with one hand and keys with the other. Finally, Taylor would play drums with musicality, a few effects pads to add into the songs. It was very cool to see it all come together. They sounded flat out amazing. The focus was on new material, “Taste” my highlight, “Miniskirt” being a crowd favorite closer. Six great songs…

I will give full praise to the crowd. There were several up front that knew and loved Braids. Those that didn’t, welcomed the band with open arms, genuine enthusiasm for everything on stage making the band smile uncontrollably. It was lovely.

The floods Monday caused the make up date for Purity Ring at Music Hall to be called off. Crazy.

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