Dufflecoat Records Update

dufflecoatThe world out there for indiepoppers is tiny, so I was worried that I hadn’t heard too much from Dufflecoat Records as of late.  But, it turns out that I was a boob, and didn’t realize the label had switched a lot of their news over to Bandcamp.  So…seeing as I’m a huge pop fan, and hopefully a purveyor of such as well, I’d be remiss to not fill you in on the latest releases from the label: Exiles and Brideshead.  The latter is a collection of previous works, as well as brand new songs…so you can’t miss buying Never Grow Up.  Exiles have this new EP, I’ve Got Secrets Too.  Both are must have for pop fans, and you can stream a track from each below! Those of you that love this genre will surely find that you’ll enjoy browsing the label’s catalog…so do it to it.

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