Fresh Pop Track From Spritzer

10494557_627208600742824_3610293388907063125_nEarlier this year, I shared with you an early cut of this killer pop tune “Melt” from Matt Meade’s new project, Spritzer. Flash forward a few months and Meade has yet another winner on his hands with “Don’t Die, Kill Me,” which is the song you’ll find below. When you press play on this number, you’re immediately grabbed by the huge sound of synths, guitar and building drums, which create this sort of eerie pop blast. This transitions to a more mellow combination of jangly-surf guitar, Meade’s distorted and yet soothingly sweet vocals, and clacking percussion. As the song progresses, that synth creeps its way back in, and the band’s got a hit on their hands.  This track is part of a debut EP, Don’t Die, which features these two refreshing pop tunes. Take a listen to it below and get ready for big things from Spritzer.

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