ACL Artist Spotlight: Kurt Vile and The Violators


We’re about a week away from the first weekend of ACL, and that means that you should be getting your schedules hammered down. While it may seem still a ways off in your mind, Sunday of the first weekend looks like it’s shaping up to be one of the strongest days lineup-wise and so it’s important to get properly excited. One of these acts come late in the day towards the end of the weekend, but his set is bound to be one of the best of the weekend. Read more about why you should catch Kurt Vile and The Violators on the Austin Ventures Stage at 5:30 on Sunday evening.

 It may seem like this man needs no introduction, as he has become a prominent name in the indie-sphere, but in the mix of things, I almost forgot that we will be graced with his presence at Zilker Park. This week, he’s just released his sixth full length studio release, b’lieve i’m going down… to much praise, and rightly so: after releasing the spectacular Walking On A Pretty Daze back in 2013 it seemed that his next record would be a hard follow, however, he’s come back with a softer and seemingly more folk influenced sound to his style. Not only will this sound be perfect as the day begins to come to a close on Sunday at the festival, but it will be a great way to begin the end of a weekend of music. You can bet we’ll hear some of the great tracks off his earlier albums and be wowed by the persona and artistry that has become so popular. If you need anymore persuasion to catch Kurt, watch his video below for “Pretty Pimpin” and just try not to get excited for this bluesy rock set.





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