Wimps Hit a Home Run with New Single

wimpsI’m pretty sure that Wimps wrote this great new tune while thinking of me, or maybe you. The music itself is pretty straightforward, feeding listeners some solid riffs with a catchy ring to them. But, the lyrical content is where I connect the most. My interpretation is that the “old guy” mentioned in the song is disgruntled at having constantly being seen as the old guy at the party with all the answers. Now, I might not know exactly what they mean, but I definitely feel like the old dude at some of the shows we go to. It’s not a complaint for me so much as it is that everyone just stares at the “old guy” in the corner; I’m that old guy. Sorry for creeping everyone out. Still, the song’s great, period. It appears on the band’s new album, Suitcase, which has a November 13th release via Kill Rock Stars

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